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5 µm laser source for frequency metrology based on difference frequency generation

U. Bressel, I. Ernsting, S. Schiller

Opt. Lett. 37, 918-920 (2011)


Spectrally narrow, long-term stable optical frequency reference based on a Eu3+:Y2SiO5 crystel at cryogenic temperature

Q. F. Chen, A. Troshyn, I. Ernsting, S. Kayser, S. Vasilyev, A. Nevsky, S. Schiller


Demonstration of a Transportable 1 Hz-Linewith Laser

S. Vogt, Ch. Lisdat, T. Legero, U. Sterr, I. Ernsting, A. Nevsky, S.Schiller


Compact  all-solid-state continuous-wave single-frequency UV source with frequency stabilization for laser cooling of Be+ ions

S. Vasilyev, An. Nevsky, I. Ernsting, M.Hansen, J. Shen, S. Schiller


Resonant multi-photon IR dissociation spectroscopy of a trapped and sympatheically cooled biomolecular ion species

Ch. Wellers, A. Borodin, S. Vasilyev, D. Offenberg, S. Schiller


Thermal  noise of whispering gallery resonators

A. Chijioke, Q.F. Chen, A. Yu, A. Nevsky, S. Schiller


STE-QUEST  -  Space-Time Explorer and Quantum Equivalence Principle Space Test

K. Bongs, P. Bouyer, W. Ertmer, R. Holzwarth, L. Iess, A. Landragin, P. Laurent, E. Rasel, C. Salomon, S. Schiller, U. Sterr, G. Tino, P. Wolf


Counterdirectional mode coupling in ring resonators with QPM nonlinear crystals and effects on the characteristics of cw optical parametric oscillation

S. Vasilyev, H.-E. Gollnick, A. Nevsky, A. Grisard, E. Lallier, B. Gérard, J. Jimenez, S. Schiller

Applied Physics B 100, 737-747 (2010)


All-optical preparation of molecular ions in the rovibrational ground state

T. Schneider, B. Roth, H. Duncker, I. Ernsting, and S. Schiller

Nature Physics 6, 275-278 (2010)

Laboratory test of the isotropy of the speed of light propagation at the 10-17 level

Ch. Eisele, A. Yu. Nevsky, and S. Schiller

Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 090401 (2009)


Measurement of small photodestruction rates of cold, charged biomolecules in an ion trap

D. Offenberg, Ch. Wellers, C. B. Zhang, B. Roth, and S. Schiller

Journal of Physics B: Atomic,Molecular and Optical Physics 42, 035101 (2009)

Sympathetically cooled molecular ions: from principles to first applications
B. Roth and S. Schiller
appeared in "Cold Molecules", R. Krems, B. Friedrich, and W. Stwalley, eds., Taylor and Francis (2009)


Brodly tunable single-frequency cw mid-infrared source with milliwatt-level output based on difference-frequency generation in orientation-patterned GaAs

S. Vasilyev, S. Schiller, A. Nevsky, A. Grisard, D. Faye, E. Lallier, Z. Zang, A. J. Boyland, M. Ibsen, W. A. Clarkson

Optics Letters V 33, 13 (2008)


Translational cooling and storage of protonated proteins in an ion trap at subkelvin temperatures
D. Offenberg, C. B. Zhang, Ch. Wellers, B. Roth, and S. Schiller
Physical Review A 78, 061401(R) (2008)


Einstein Gravity Explorer - a medium-class fundamental physics mission

S. Schiller, G. M. Tino, P. Gill, C. Salomon, U. Sterr, E. Peik ·A. Nevsky, A. Görlitz, D. Svehla, G. Ferrari, N. Poli, L. Lusanna, H. Klein, H. Margolis, P. Lemonde, P. Laurent, G. Santarelli, A. Clairon, W. Ertmer, E. Rasel, J. Müller, L. Iorio, C. Lämmerzahl, H. Dittus, E. Gill, M. Rothacher, F. Flechner, U. Schreiber, V. Flambaum, Wei-Tou Ni, Liang Liu, Xuzong Chen, Jingbiao Chen, Kelin Gao, L. Cacciapuoti, R. Holzwarth. M. P. Heß, W. Schäfer

Exp Astron (2008)



Ultra-narrow-linewidth continuous-wave THz sources based on multiplier chains

S. Schiller, B. Roth, O. Ricken, F. Lewen, M. C. Wiedner

Applied Physics B - , - (2008)


Chemical reactions between cold trapped Ba+ ions and neutral molecules in the gas phase
B. Roth, D. Offenberg, C. B. Zhang, and S. Schiller
Physical Review A 78, 042709 (2008)


A narrow-line-width external cavity quantum dot laser for high-resolution spectroscopy in the near-infrared and yellow spectral ranges

A.Yu. Nevsky, U. Bressel, I. Ernsting, Ch. Eisele, M. Okhapkin, S. Schiller, A. Gubenko, D. Livshits, S. Mikhrin, I. Krestnikov, A. Kovsh


Applied Physics B - , - (2008)


A broadly tunable single-frequency cw mid-infrared source with mW output based on difference frequency generation in orientation-patterned GaAs

Sergey Vasilyev, Stephan Schiller, Alexander Nevsky, Arnaud Grisard, David Faye, Eric Lallier, Z. Zhang, A. J. Boyland, J. K. Sahu, M. Ibsen, W. A. Clarkson


Optics Letters 33, 413-415 (2008)


A crossed optical cavities apparatus for a precision test of the isotropy of light propagation

Ch. Eisele, M.Okhapkin, A. Yu. Nevsky, S. Schiller


Optics Communications 281, 1189-1196 (2008)


Overtone spectroscopy of H2D+ and D2H+ using laser induced reactions

O. Asvany, E. Hugo, F. Müller, F. Kühnemann, S. Schiller, J. Tennyson, S. Schlemmer


The Journal of Chemical Physics 127, 154317 (2007)


Low-noise tunable diode laser for ultra-high-resolution spectroscopy

K. Döringshoff, I. Ernsting, R.-H. Rinkleff, S. Schiller, A. Wicht


Optics Letters 32, 2876 (2007)


Blackbody thermometry with cold molecular ions and application to ion-based frequency standards

J.C.J. Koelemeij, B. Roth, S. Schiller


Phys. Rev. A 76, 023413 (2007)


A simple scheme for precise relative frequency stabilization of lasers

N. Strauss, I. Ernsting, S. Schiller, A. Wicht, P. Huke, R.-H. Rinkleff


Appl. Phys. B 88, 21 (2007)


Hydrogenlike Highly Charged Ions for Tests of the Time Independence of Fundamental Constants

S. Schiller


PRL 98, 180801 (2007)


Vibrational Spectroscopy of HD+ with 2-ppb Accuracy

J. C. J. Koelemeij, B. Roth, A. Wicht, I. Ernsting, and S. Schiller


PRL 98, 173002 (2007)


Molecular dynamics simulation of cold single- and multi-species ion ensembles in a linear Paul trap

C. B. Zhang, D.Offenberg, B. Roth, M. A. Wilson, and S. Schiller


PRA 76, 012719 (2007)


Motional resonance coupling in cold multispecies Coulomb crystals

B. Roth, P. Blythe, and S. Schiller


PRA 75, 023402 (2007)


Highly sensitive silicon crystal torque sensor operating at the thermal noise limit

L. Haiberger, M. Weingran, and S. Schiller


Rev. Sci. Inst. 78, 025101 (2007)


Production of ultracold diatomic and triatomic molecular ions of spectroscopic and astrophysical interest

B. Roth, P. Blythe, H. Daerr, L. Patacchini, and S. Schiller


J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 39, S1241–S1258 (2006)


Precision Spectroscopy of Molecular Hydrogen Ions: Towards Frequency Metrology of Particle Masses

B. Roth, J. Koelemeij, S. Schiller, L. Hilico, J.-P. Karr, V. Korobov, and D. Bakalov


to appear in "Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems", Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer, 2007


Rovibrational spectroscopy of trapped molecular hydrogen ions at millikelvin temperatures

B. Roth, J. C. J. Koelemeij, H. Daerr, and S. Schiller


PRA 74, 040501(R) (2006)


Sympathetic Cooling of Complex Molecular Ions to Millikelvin Temperatures

A. Ostendorf, C. B. Zhang, M. A. Wilson, D. Offenberg, B. Roth, and S. Schiller


PRL 97, 243005 (2006) and

PRL 100, 019904 (2008)


High-Precision Calculation of the Hyperfine Structure of the HD+ Ion

D. Bakalov, V.I. Korobov, S. Schiller


PRL 97, 243001 (2006)


Ion-neutral chemical reactions between ultracold localized ions and neutral molecules with single-particle resolution

B. Roth, P. Blythe, H. Wenz, H. Daerr, S. Schiller


PRA 73, 042712 (2006)


Production of Ultracold Trapped Molecular Hydrogen Ions

P. Blythe, B. Roth, U. Fröhlich, H. Wenz, and S. Schiller


PRL 95, 183002 (2005)


Sympathetic Cooling of 4He+ Ions in a Radio-Frequency Trap

B. Roth U Fröhlich, and S. Schiller


PRL 94, 053001 (2005)


Production of large molecular ion crystals via sympathetic cooling by laser-cooled Ba+

B Roth, A Ostendorf, H Wenz and S Schiller


J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 38 3673-3685 (2005)


Test of constancy of speed of light with rotating optical resonators

P. Antonini, M. Okhapkin, E. Gökl? S. Schiller


PRA 71, 05010(R) (2005)


Tests of time-independence of the electron and nuclear masses with ultracold molecules

S. Schiller. V. Korobov


PRA 71, 032505 (2005)


Long-term frequency stability and linewidth properties of continuous-wave pump-resonant optical parametric oscillators

F. Müller, G. von Basum, A. Popp, D. Halmer, P. Hering, M. Mürtz, F. Kühnemann and

S. Schiller


Appl.Phys. B 80,307-313 (2005)


Ellipsoidal Coulomb Crystals in a Linear Radiofrequency Trap

U. Fröhlich, B. Roth, and S. Schiller


Physics of Plasmas, 12. 073506 (2005)


Fabrication and laser control of double-paddle silicon oscillators

L. Haiberger, D. Jäger, and S.Schiller


Rev. Sci. Instrum. 76,045106 (2005)


Optical Parametric Devices (Continuous Wave)

S. Schiller


Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, 4, 51-61 (2004)
edited by Robert D. Guenther, Duncan G. Steel and Leopold Bayvel,
(Elsevier, Oxford, 2004. ISBN 0-12-227600-0).


Ultracold Trapped Molecules:
Novel Systems for Tests of the Time-Independence of the Electron-to-Proton Mass Ratio

U. Fröhlich, B. Roth, P. Antonini, C. Lämmerzahl, A. Wicht, and S. Schiller

View abstract, download

Lect. Notes Phys. , 648, 297–307 (2004)


Experimental limits for low-frequency space-time fluctuations from ultrastable optical resonators

S. Schiller, C. Lämmerzahl, H. Müller, C. Braxmaier, S. Herrmann, and A. Peters

View abstract, download

Phys. Rev. D, 69, 027504(4) (2004)


OPTIS—An Einstein Mission for Improved Tests of Special and General Relativity

C. Lämmerzahl, I. Ciufolini, H. Dittus, L. Iorio, H. Müller,
A. Peters, E. Samain, S. Scheithauer, and S. Schiller

View abstract, download

Gen. Rel. and Grav., 36, 2373-2417 (2004)


Parts per trillion sensitivity for ethane in air with an OPO cavity leak-out spectrometer

Golo von Basum, Daniel Halmer, Peter Hering, and Manfred Mürtz
Stephan Schiller
Frank Müller, Alexander Popp, and Frank Kühnemann

View abstract, download

Optics Letters, 29, 797-799 (2004)